Wednesday, February 15, 2012

more whimper than bang

More spectators than protesters by far

The speakers on a truck in the street
 I'm mostly going to let the photos tell this story.  It feels like one I've seen too much here already. Flashy headlines and lots of buzz about a protest that lacks support and ends abruptly.  Some online comments suggest that the resistance has lost momentum.  I'd have to agree after today.

A sock seller stops to watch

A photographer works no man's land

Police line and tear gas gun
After last night's failed occupy effort, the M23 marched to the Place D'Independence. The spectators were at least twice as  numerous as  protestors.  After about 20 minutes of speeches the police used tear gas and the water cannon to disperse the crowd.
There's the water truck, again
Selling washclothes to cover your face against tear gas
The cops chased groups around side street for another 30 minutes, firing more teargas affecting many people downtown who weren't involved at all (Yes, myself included). The streets were filled with people talking afterwards, but it felt more like excitement than anger.  And given the dissonance between media coverage and participation, it feels like the passivity will allow President Wade to continue restricting opposition with impunity.  I guess the Occupy Wall Street movement wasn't much more successful maintaining its platforms for protest, either.  

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