Sunday, February 26, 2012

Election day

It's a quiet election day here, so far.  People have stocked up on food, prepared for the worst but hoping for better, of course.  Discussion at dinner last night suggested President Wade can't win, but many people still fear he'll steal the election, that the countryside vote will still carry him, or that some unexpected deal or trick will happen and enrage people.  On the TV and radio news, the voices are tense.  The former president of Nigeria was on the TV last night trying to broker a last minute deal to arrange delayed elections and an orderly transition.  Twitter feeds are tracking poll station crowds and transportation problems.  Nothing significant yet.   If there is accurate polling information predicting today's results, it doesn't seem to be public knowledge.  So everyone waits- anxiously.  Mme Diop is walking around the house with a portable radio to her ear.

I'll be spending the day with Mamadou in Rufisque, a town just outside of Dakar, and then having dinner at Pape's house and getting on a plane at 2:30 this morning.  I'll be home Monday morning.  I'm very much looking forward to it.  I don't expect to be adding things here until I switch to work on my digital literacy project.  I have to admit writing into this virtual space has been interesting (that word I forbid students to use for it's useless ambiguity), albeit strange as feedback comes so episodically and obliquely.  I have enjoyed sharing my trip here with those of you who enjoy reading it.  Thanks.


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