Monday, February 27, 2012

home again

I'm looking out my desk window at the snow, struggling to reconcile the speed with which bodies can be moved around the globe.  My mind's not here yet, certainly.  The trip was easy.

Mostly, it was easy because the election results were seen as positive, and people were quite happy in Dakar last night.  Many people were out walking and shops were open and there was a sense that democracy had done what legal maneuvering and protesting had not, sent President Wade a message that his efforts to seek a third term would not succeed.  He still appears to have the most votes with 34% by one count, but another candidate is close behind w/ 27% and the others have already pledged to unite around whoever had the most votes to defeat Wade.  So, there will be another election in March, and much political discussion until then, but my sources feel like a change is now assured, and there was a sense of celebration last night.

I look forward to seeing you  all soon.


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