Sunday, July 7, 2013

Akshar Art Show

During my first week at Akshar school, I’d noticed the well done flyer for the Friday evening art opening.  I appreciated, too, that they ended school early Friday to let people prepare for the event. Using a theme of ‘‘beauty from waste’ students at all grade levels had contributed something to the show and they had been working on it since the spring.  Having it at the art gallery across the street from the US Consulate which is owned by one of the founders seemed auspicious as well.  Yet I was still amazed at what they accomplished.

This picture from a balcony shows a part of the gallery.  The art teacher had been working with kids all week setting things up.  They created three rooms- one main gallery, another of science themed projects, and a third which modeled a sustainable house. The night started with the students lined up in rows to welcome guests, and they dispersed afterwards. 

Students staffed each exhibit area reciting their nearly memorized information.  In what seems somewhat typical fashion, they seemed more comfortable with recitation than discussion.  My students would have been quite the opposite. Differences disappeared however in the way they approached the food table afterward.

 Akshar's art teacher has been with the school since the founding, and he seems to get remarkable results across different ages and media.  The photography both on the wall and mounted on this flowing room length paper was excellent.  

And I particularly adored this sea cow.


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