Design Thinking

Designing Change at St. Paul Academy

Four weeks into our design thinking class, students have learned the CAD program Sketchup and 3-D printing, reflected on their collaboration styles, and started their first design problems. My co-teacher Doc Heilig and I suggested four physical problems around school as a first round- doorstops, skylight shades, locker improvements, and wet erasers. After we presented the problems, I asked if they wanted to consider any other problems around the school or just get started.  They immediately said, "We want to get started." It was as if they'd waited all their school lives to actually do something, and they didn't want any more talking.
This group is brainstorming the door stop problem.  In their empathy phase, they came to understand how much frustration people feel about useless doorstops around the building in part by watching the way people try to force them into place. Their 'How Might We" statement defining the problem makes comic reference to what happens sometimes.

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