Thursday, November 21, 2013

A couple water metaphors

Charged by LSE architects and the St. Paul Public Library to offer a proposal for the new Highland Park community library teen space, our Designing Change class is diving in to makerspaces, FabLabs, and tech centers using twitter, interviews & site visits. We’ve saturated the studio space with the results of our research.   
We’re also glad to have Stanford Design School consultant Anna Love-Mickelson’s enthusiasm for this final design cycle. Yesterday she taught us how to unpack our site visits and interviews using headline note taking to pull out and preserve information.  Then, we sorted the idea looking for surprises, tensions, contradictions, and insights before creating Point of View statements.   
While there’s a temptation to focus on furniture and technology, the process keeps us focused on emotional qualities.  Here are a couple POV statement observations: 
  • It would be GAME CHANGING if we could created a thought provoking teen space where young people feel comfortable taking risks.  
  •  It would be GAME CHANGING if we created a versatile space that fosters community within the teen space.
Aiming for a December 11th presentation to the architects and the library, we’ll ideate and immerse ourselves in prototypes in the next couple weeks. 

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